We believe that the foundation of our success is built on relationships, trust, and concern for the needs of our clients and candidates.

PackStaff, LLC is a leader in the recruiting of PACKAGING PROFESSIONALS in the packaged goods industries. Our clients are among the top companies in their respective markets, and are some of the most recognized firms in the country.

In-depth Understanding of Job Requirements

With more than 20 years of specific experience recruiting Packaging Professionals, we understand the nuances of your posting and can bring you qualified, on-target resumes.  Project Managers?  Developers?  Designers?  People managers?  We’ve got them all.  Need someone with commercialization experience, or a proven innovator?  We can do that too.

Comprehensive Search Capabilities

  • Our database has been built one phone call at a time over more than 20 years. We’ve got qualified candidates at our fingertips.
  • Our reputation and longevity means candidates will take our calls, and if we don’t have the perfect candidate right away, we’ve got access to those who do.
  • We’re connected to thousands of Packaging Engineers via social and professional networks.

Nationwide Service

Modern communications put the entire continent at our fingertips. We’ll service your headquarters and your regional operations with ease. One call puts our experience to work for you nationwide.


Our packaging knowledge gives us the ability to compare candidates’ qualifications to meet your needs. That means you see only those candidates who best match your job specifications. You save time and money.