First, congratulations on your upcoming (or recent) graduation!  Your first real job search and offer negotiation can be frustrating and intimidatingWhat’s the best way to apply?  Who should you follow-up with? Does your current offer cover all the bases?  What goes into relocation? How do you ask for money?  Give us a call!  We’d be happy to talk, and all of our services are free to candidates. 
PackStaff probably won’t have an entry level role for you, but we’re all about building long-term relationships.  Let’s talk about your long-term goals and your location preferences.  So you prefer warm weather?  Like to ski?  Have family out west?  We’ll stash that information away and use it to bring good opportunities to your attention when the time comes. 

Let’s talk! 

Don’t shy away from contract positions. One trend in the industry is for recent grads to start working for a company under contract. Having proven yourself, you will find it easier to move into a permanent role.